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In-House Development

No matter what your requirements are, Pixel Core Integration Framework enables you to build robust enterprise applications. Utilizing a robust stack of latest technologies the Integration Framework enables our customers compete on equal grounds with current market leaders.

Integrated into
Your Infrastructure

In many cases the applications must integrate into mature and long established corporate infrastructure. Core Integration Platform contains a full suite of tools to integrate the application into LDAP/AD and SSO environments.
Thus enabling effortlessly managing clients, users, roles and permissions, schedules, and other administrative tasks.

Custom Platforms

Our solutions cover a large segment of applications for various vertical markets. We will take an extra mile to make your needs fulfilled by developing customized solutions based on your unique requirements.

Validate your Business Idea and Reach Product Market Fit

Virtually any application requires client management, authentication and authorization, robust access roles and permissions. Every development starts from resolving those rarely trivial issues. Pixel Core products provide all this functionality and much more out of the box, so developers could focus on what is the most important – implementation of specific business requirements.

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The MVP is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.

Core Integration Framework provides full stack of features to enable multi-tenancy

Speed, flexibility, and smart use of resources. These are the attributes of an effective SaaS business and the benefits of a Multi-Tenant environment. It is no wonder why it is the dominant way SaaS companies serve their software to customers.

Core Integration Framework provides support to effortlessly build truly multilingual applications

While it is easier to work with English when you’re starting on a small scale, you might eventually reach a point when most of your global customers are not comfortable with just English as a language option. At this stage, you have to consider diversifying your language base to retain or increase your global customer base. Regional languages are also useful in minimizing geographical barriers to entry. Introducing local languages increases the accessibility of your software, especially within the local market. This also gives you a much-needed edge over the competition in these regional markets. Consequently, you are also likely to get more users!

Support for Virtually Any Language

The system supports any language your business requires, no matter how esoteric it is.

Automatic and Manual Translation

Not only the interface and business objects are localized manually. Close integration with the Google translation APIs enables to translate the data to any language using state of the art machine learning algorithms.

Scripting support is an integral part of Core Integration Framework

Large portions of Pixel Core Integration Platform functionality could be adjusted without the need of programming, restarts or recompilation. Various components of the Platform use scripting support provided by the Platform out of the box. Pixel Core Integration Platform provides support for following languages out of the box:
JavaScript, Java, SQL, Velocity, CSS, XML, Properties, PowerShell, Python, R, Ruby, Shell and more

There are a lot of different modules that will help you to make a perfect application.

There is no lack of emphasis on the importance of taking a front-end user’s experience into account when designing and building a successful website, but often the needs of site administrators and contributors aren’t given the thought they deserve. A usable, well thought-out admin experience can often make or break a website. After all, if site admins can’t accomplish day-to-day maintenance and contribution tasks with ease, there is less incentive to provide users with fresh content. Thus, the admin user experience should be planned and executed just as meticulously as its user-facing equivalent. An emphasis should be placed on creating a stress-free workflow and providing site admins with the tools they need to create and maintain content without the interference of a bloated, daunting interface.

Well-Designed Admin UI

A well-designed admin user interface is one of the best investments that can be made for the future of a website because a site that is easy—and even enjoyable—to maintain or contribute to will stay relevant longer.

Predefined Background Processors.

The Task Scheduler is a tool included with Core Integration Framework that allows predefined actions to be automatically executed whenever a certain set of conditions is met. For example, you can schedule a task to run a backup script every night.

Built-in Scripting Support for Custom Tasks

Create custom tasks to be executed on time using built-in scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python, PowerShell and many more.

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Tools provided by Pixel Nation became an integral part of the solution provided to our customers. They allowed us to integrate a wide variety of standard based and specialized video and networking equipment into a centrally managed client facing application suite. Pixel Nation developed tools that permits us to effectively monitor and manage equipment across many sites in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Stan KoukarineCo-Founder and CTO Adara Technologies Inc.